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How to install Mobile Presets WITHOUT desktop

We are going to explain to you how to install presets on Lightroom Mobile without having the desktop subscription. You will be able to save them as your own presets and use them with just one click.

If you have the desktop version of Lightroom, you are able to sync your presets and personal configuration to your mobile version. If you want to subscribe to Lightroom, click here

However, if you don't want to subscribe to Adobe Products and use our presets on the FREE version of Lightroom on your phone, you can do every step below on your phone.

Downloading and transferring the presets

Mobile presets come in a DNG file format. Some sellers allow to download the DNG file directly and some compress them into a single ZIP file, and that is our case. After downloading the zip file, you will have two options:​

FIRST: download the files to your computer (desktop or Mac), unzip the files and transfer them to your phone.

SECOND: download an app on your phone, like iZip (iOS, Android) and unzip straight on your phone.

Either way, always make notes on which folder you are transferring the DNG files into your phone.

And now?

At this point, you will have the DNG files on your phone. These files carry the presets, which now you are going to transfer into your Lightroom. When transferring the DNG files into your phone, they may appear all white, looking like an error has occurred. Do not worry, usually phones are not capable of reading DNG files, so it is all good.

Importing files into Lightroom library

To get everything started, you will have to import those files to your Lightroom library.

Open Lightroom Mobile and tap on the Add Photos button on the bottom right corner.

Choosing the source

If you downloaded your DNG files through iZip to files, select From Files and then navigate to iZip files. If you downloaded them directly to your Camera Roll, select From Camera Roll.

Selecting the files

Select all the DNG files, and import them into your free version of Lightroom Mobile clicking Add photos

IMG_4544 2.jpg
Saving DNG settings as Presets

At this point, all files have been imported to your Lightroom Mobile Library. 

1 - Click on one of the files, and on the three dots on the top right corner.

2 - tap "create preset​".

Creating and organizing your Presets

Next, you will see the New Preset screen which contains the options you can use to customize your preset. We highly recommend give your preset a name and add it to a Preset Group in Lightroom. Having preset groups allow you stay organized, especially if you have a lot of presets.

Name the first preset TLP - Earth 01 into a new preset group called Two Leaves Presets.

Repeat the process to each of the DNG files, saving the presets into the Two Leaves Presets group you have created. There is no bulk action at this step, so you will have to save them separately.

IMG_4549 4.jpg
Using your new presets

Now let's jump into the fun part. Go back to your library and choose the photo you want to edit.

Find the Presets button scrolling the menu at the bottom of your screen. Select the preset group you have saved your presets and select a preset of your choice.


You can still continue to edit the photo and make adjustments if you like after you’ve applied the preset. Make your photo warmer or cooler, add/remove contrast. Play and have fun. 

You can always send an email and let us know should you have any questions.

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