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I was a bank employee and Rodrigo was a factory manager. We discovered photography when we first met our wedding photographers. That day, after feeling their good energy and seeing how they transmitted love in form of photography, we decided that we wanted to do the same. Not just push the bottom, but bring some magic and joy to people’s life.


In 2014, we quit our full-time job and went part-time with wedding photography. A year later in 2015, I remember we had 30 weddings in our schedule! In 2016, we did over a 50 weddings. We also began offering mentorships to other photographers (and the fact that other photographers wanted to learn from us still blows our mind!)

We were born in Brazil and following our instincts and our love for canada, we decided to move here three years ago, we sold everything we had, except our cameras and lenses (of course). Today, we are three, our little one arrived last year to bring us more joy in our lives. He already has his own camera and as proud parents, we can't wait to see him go out and photograph everything in front of him hahaha

Shadow on Concrete Wall

We're Wedding and Lifestyle Photographers, located in British Columbia, Canada. Currently living in Vancouver, we also LOVE traveling and capture your story wherever is going to be. 


As a documentary style, our photos tell stories like they really happened. We love being part of lovely moments, shooting what precisely happens, real stories, real people, detailing realness around family stories.


You keep the moment like it really happened, whether that can be a Wedding or Lifestyle Session. 

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